I have an obsession when it comes to a metal-capped toe heel. Zara's newest heel is sure to bring some spring flare to the first-seen winter trend.

And of course when I fall in love with something, I always notice it on a fellow blogger. Tuula was pictured with them last week. Jealous much? Still waiting for it to hit the stores here in Toronto.

Retail Price: $109 CND

Jessica Hart x Pencey Standard

This might be old news to most, but it’s brand new to me. My -equally fashion obsessed- friend, Ashley, told me to take a look. WELL I fell in love. Maybe it’s the bold white and black background floral prints which are getting to me or it could be my depression from missing out on the Mary Katrantzou for Topshop collection online this morning which is influencing my love for the fun patterns… but either way Jessica Hart has done well. The Australian model’s capsule collection with the American knitwear company debuts end of March (pre-orders have already begun on Hint Boutique) and promises to indulge you in some French country aesthetics. We are just jumping all over the map on this one, aren’t we?

Do you love it? OR Do you love it? Hating it is not an option.

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You need a fashion shower.

-Anna Dello Russo