To Wash or not to Wash?

I’ve been told many tales in the past. Ones that say you can wash your hair everyday and ones that say you should be do it once a week. After surveying around, one friend says she washes her hair ever 5-7 days and another says every 3 days. For me, the girl with the thin (but lots of it) hair I would wash it everyday. Resulting with greasy hair by the end of the day (embarrassing, I know). So it seems the tales of washing your hair everyday shouldn’t apply to this girl. So while watching the MMandL show on Youtube (my beauty gurus I talked about previously), they show us a hair style that gets BETTER without washing it. Intrigued? Because I was. If my hair can look better after not washing it for a few days, then I’m in. I’m currently on day two and my hair still looks amazing. To add to their products, I use the Bumble & Bumble Beach Spray to give my hair a more wave-y surf feel. I also substituted their dry shampoo for baby powder. My hair is looking great today but I might have to wash it tomorrow, don’t know if my hair can handle going more then 2 days without washing it… for now. Summer beauty goal, get it up to 5 days without washing. Some might think this is gross, but I envy any girl who can have gorgeous hair and never wash it. Now that’s a gift. 

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You need a fashion shower.

-Anna Dello Russo