For the LOVE of the FANNY PACK.

A girlfriend of mine mentioned today, “Aren’t fanny packs the uglist things in the world?” And to her surprise, I answered: “Oh honey… They are coming back in style.” So between lunching at the Jason George today and running around the office, I was able to research the ever expanding market for the 2012 updated fanny pack. 

Only now it’s called a ‘belt bag’ and it’s not made of nasty nyloned-polyester and fashionably updated with leathers and suedes. So if you want the 90s to make a revival, update your wardrobe with a belt bag.  And buy some popular faltforms, braid your hair like Baby Spice and turn up those Backstreet Boy tunes. The trend has expanded from the high-streets (YSL, DVF, Ralph Lauren) to the hipster block (UO). So whatever your budget is, YOU can have a pocket right above your crotch once again. 

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